Our Sustainable Commitment

Welcome to Akkoia, where sustainability meets luxury. We believe that fashion should not only be exquisite but also environmentally responsible. Our commitment to sustainability runs deep, and we are proud to share our journey with you.

Ethical Production

At Akkoia Couture, we prioritise ethical production from start to finish:

  • We collaborate with ethical manufacturers and artisans in both Australia and China, ensuring fair labour practices, safe working conditions, and fair wages.
  • Our brand contributes to local communities by providing employment opportunities and fostering skill development.

Sustainable Materials

We are passionate about the materials we use:

  • Our collections feature luxurious silk, Tencel, and natural fibres known for their breathability, durability and reduced environmental impact.
  • We source our materials responsibly, minimising waste and supporting sustainable practices in the fashion industry.

Exclusive In-House Print Designs

One of the unique aspects of Akkoia is our exclusive in-house print designs:

  • Our print designs are inspired by the beauty of botanical themes and are created by our talented design team.
  • Each print is a work of art that embodies the essence of nature and elevates our couture pieces to new heights of elegance.

Environmental Initiatives

We are dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint:

  • We implement waste reduction strategies, including recycling and upcycling materials.
  • Akkoia partners with environmental organisations and supports tree-planting initiatives.
  • Our brand actively seeks eco-friendly practices to minimise our impact on the environment.

Transparency and Certifications

We believe in transparency and hold certifications that reflect our commitment:

  • Akkoia proudly displays certifications and awards received for sustainability and ethical practices.
  • You can trust that our brand is committed to the highest ethical and environmental standards.

Responsible Packaging

Our commitment extends to our packaging choices:

  • We carefully select eco-friendly packaging materials that minimise environmental impact.
  • We continuously strive to reduce excess packaging and promote recycling.

Impact on Local Communities

Our brand's impact on local communities is a source of pride:

  • Meet the artisans and workers behind our collections and hear their stories of empowerment and skill development.
  • Akkoia actively engages with local communities, creating opportunities for growth and prosperity.

Future Sustainability Goals

Our journey is ongoing, and we have big plans for the future:

  • We are dedicated to further reducing our environmental footprint and supporting ethical practices.
  • Your feedback and engagement are essential as we work together to make fashion more sustainable.

Thank you for joining us on this sustainable journey. Your conscious choices can make a difference, and we invite you to explore our collections, shop sustainably, and be a part of the Akkoia community.